Al Sharpton: Trump Doesn’t Give You Middle Ground; There’s No Nuance with Trump

‘There’s no nuance with Trump and that’s a good thing’


SHARPTON: “So I think that that study may very well be well-founded, because I think that when you look at what Trump does, I mean, here’s a guy that makes moral equivalence with neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville with people that are marching against the Confederate general, even people that may have slightly leaned towards some prejudgment say, 'Wait a minute, I don’t want to be with that crowd.' And I think he forces people — the good news as a civil rights activist, the good news, if I can find any in Donald Trump, is he forces people to make a choice on who they are and what they want their nation to be. He doesn’t give you mid ground. Either you’re with that or you are with a broader, more inclusive society. And there’s no nuance with Trump, and that’s a good thing because I think most people would choose the right way if we put that mirror up there and let them say, 'Now, look at you. Are you with this or are you with the real deal of where America needs to go?"

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