Sheriff David Clarke Blasts DOJ Report on Ferguson as a ‘Witch Hunt’

‘I’m not buying one word of [Holder’s] conclusion here because the attorney general doesn’t have any integrity anymore’

CAVUTO: "Nearly seven months after those riots in Ferguson, Missouri broke out, the Justice Department final report is out and the justice finding that wide spread discrimination throughout the police department there, but not in the shooting of Michael Brown himself. Now, Milwaukie County Sherriff David Clarke is worrying this report will be used to paint all police officers as racists. The attorney general kept saying, in Ferguson, in Ferguson, in Ferguson, but you think subliminally the message is -- suspect all police officers?"

CLARKE: "Neil, two words: witch hunt. The pattern that's there, some of the inflammatory rhetoric we've heard from the Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder. He's had Ferguson Missouri in his crosshairs ever since the Mike Brown and Officer Darren Wilson tragic situation occurred. He did not have an open mind. He had a pre-determined mindset going into this investigation and I think that is what we are seeing here. I'm not buying one word of his conclusion here because attorney general doesn't have any integrity anymore. This is the only attorney general in the history of the Department of Justice that's been found in contempt of Congress for not supplying Congress with the reports that they needed to conduct their investigation. Now, he goes into Ferguson Missouri and other cities across the United States and he demands information and reports to see what's going on there. If I were the chief of the Ferguson at the time I'd have said, 'Mr Holder, I will be more than glad to hand over all the information and reports you need as soon as you supply Congress with the information they need so they can conducts their investigation.’ You know, I think it's a sad day. I really do, I think that Eric Holder has anonymousity or genuine hostility toward local law enforcement specifically white police officers. He truly believes, and I believe this, that he thinks that ever white police officer is stone called racist and this is simply just not true."

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