Gen. Petraeus Destroys ABC Fear Mongering, Trump Not for War with Iran

‘It’s pretty clear he doesn’t want to go to war in Iran’

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PETRAEUS: “Tell me how this ends. I think that has been answered by the President, frankly. It’s pretty clear he doesn't want to go to war in Iran. He’s not after regime change, he after what Secretary Pompeo has announced as the objective, which is regime behavior change.”

RADDATZ: “John Bolton, obviously, before he was national security adviser talked about regime change and that was something he wanted. Do you think that's still being whispered in the President's ear?”

PETRAEUS: “Not after what the President said to the press the other day, certainly, if it was ever said. Again keep in mind this setting for in which John gave that speech was a bunch of Iranian dissidents essentially. Now, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t desire that; doesn’t mean that perhaps many folks would like to see that. Of course, we should have learned by now, I think, especially after the Arab Spring that the regime change aftermath is not always what we had hoped it would be.”

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