RNC Chair Calls Alabama Abortion Ban on Rape and Incest ‘Egregious’: ‘I Would Have the Exceptions’

‘That’s my personal belief’

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CAMEROTA: "But you, as the head of the RNC, are you comfortable with saying — I mean, there is this test case, a 12-year-old incest victim would have to carry her rapist’s child."
McDANIEL: "And that’s egregious. My heart goes out to that little girl. I think we are the party of life, I think there’s a broad spectrum. You don’t have a litmus test to be a Republican, but it’s interesting that Tom Perez has been on this show ten times since he’s been chair, the head of the DNC, he’s never been asked a question about whether he agrees with abortion on a due date. It’s only Republicans that get asked that question. Why are Democrats not posed the same tough question? We always get asked and have to qualify why we support life. Why don't Democrats get those same questions?"
CAMEROTA: "Well, I’m asking you this because it happened this week."
McDANIEL: "But he’s been here ten different times."
CAMEROTA: "And we have invited you ten times."
McDANIEL: "Yes, but he’s been here ten times and he’s never been asked the question about does he support whether a woman should be able to abort a baby on the day that it’s due while she's in labor."
CAMEROTA: "I think we’re getting off the topic here."
McDANIEL: "But that’s the Democratic Party —"
CAMEROTA: "That’s not the Democratic Party. They’re not talking about —"
McDANIEL: "It has been four days on this Alabama law. Four day. Alabama is different than California. Their voters can make a determination."
CAMEROTA: "Understood. But I guess I’m asking you, are you comfortable with no exception?"
McDANIEL: "Listen, personally, I would have the exceptions. That’s my personal belief. But we are a party that is a broad tent. We have — if you agree with us 80 percent of the time, I want you to be a Republican. We don’t have a litmus test as to whether you can belong to our party. But we are the party of life. However, we as senators, like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski and governors on different sides of that — Tom Perez, the head of the DNC has said, 'If you are pro-life, you cannot be a Democrat, we will not support you.'"

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