CNN’s Coates: Ala. Abortion Ban Unconstitutional Because ‘Your Rights End Where Mine Begin’

‘The Supreme Court should be averse to actually resolving it’


COATES: "Well, it’s going to be heading, if the Supreme Court would like to actually hear the case, it will head there and that’s really a big caveat here. Because, think about it. They actually have to have an appellate process, it will make its way up to the courts before it's actually implemented at the lower levels, at the circuit court levels, to figure out if there will be a lower court to say that this is actually constitutional, which frankly, as it’s written right now, is not constitutional according to the Roe v. Wade precedent because that is a framework of trimesters, it relies on that old adage of your rights end where mine begin and the state cannot intrude on a woman’s right to have that private conversation until the fetus is viable outside the womb. The courts have looked at this issue and thought the trimester framework works, if you want to move it around to the fetal heartbeat or say that’s an outright ban, that would be directly contrary to what the Supreme Court said.” 

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