Geraldo Rivera Says He’s Quitting ‘Creepy, Data Harvesting’ Facebook

‘How big can they get?’


RIVERA: “I deactivated today. I left it to my brother Greg far more tech savvy than I my younger brother to gets me off it completely. It’s too pervasive. This relentless data they started telling me everyone’s birthday that I hadn’t talked to in years. I started think going they know everybody’s birthday what else do they know about me and who else are they sharing it with? I quit that darn Facebook and went to what’s app. Oh they only that. I went to Instagram oh, they own that, too. How big can they get two and a half billion people half the people on Earth are on this one company. And Cory Booker. I have to say this about Cory Booker. I was in Newark, New Jersey when Mark Zuckerberg came by and gave Cory Booker $100 million to Newark public school system and him not bring that up because he was chumming it up with Mark Zuckerberg when I was there and very rude to me.”

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