Martha McSally: Dems ‘Need to Stop Obstructing’ on Border Security and Illegal Immigration

‘Let’s come to the table and let’s work on this together to solve it for the American people’


MCSALLY: "I’m not sure what the process was there. It just would tell you it was a thoughtful conversation. This should be a unifying issue. Border security used to be unifying and I think there’s a lot of pressure on the Democrats, as there should be, that they need to stop obstructing, because this is not a game in Arizona. It’s a public safety issue, it's a national security issue. And everybody knows, when I’m out and about in my state, we have to fix the border and secure it and we got to fix our immigration system. So I ask my colleagues, let’s come to the table and let’s work on this together so that we can solve it for the American people."

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