CNN’s Honig: ‘I Absolutely Believe Donald Trump Obstructed Justice’

‘If Donald Trump were not president of the United States, he’d be charged with obstruction’


HONIG: "I absolutely believe Donald Trump obstructed justice. I don’t think it is that close. The first time I read the Mueller report, it jumped out at me. I said, 'Wow, this is not just obstruction of justice, this is a whole campaign to not just sidetrack an investigation, but to take the whole thing down.' It is important that people understand, I think, what obstruction of justice normally looks like when you’re a prosecutor. I’ve done obstruction of justice cases for somebody trying to make one witness change one aspect of their story. I’ve done obstruction of justice cases for someone trying to make a witness just get out of town for a week or two during trial. And you look at that compared to what Donald Trump did here, and there is no comparison. One thing that I’ve not heard from anybody, including the Attorney General, is any sort of coherent, convincing explanation of why this is okay. We know Bill Barr swept it all away and said no obstruction. He was given a chance to explain that conclusion in front of the Senate last week, and he had nothing. He said, 'Well, normally, you need an underlying offense.' Guess what? Yesterday, Bill Barr’s Department of Justice indicted somebody in Virginia for obstruction of justice with no underlying offense. You do not need that as a matter of law. He said the President was frustrated in angered. That’s silly. That’s a reason people do obstruct, not don’t obstruct. And then he also said to me, beyond the realm of the silly, 'I believe constitutionally the president has the right to stop and take down any investigation he believes is unjust, even if it's one impacting him.' That goes beyond silly and into the dangerous to me. So I think it is important this stand be taken, at least for the historical record, and also to put additional pressure on Congress and potentially on Robert Mueller."

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