Geraldo Rivera on Alec Baldwin Belittling Trump Supporters: It’s Also What Hillary Thinks of Half of America

‘I am at least as urban gritty as Alec Baldwin’


RIVERA: “As a proud resident of flyover country, Sean, I can only say, I am at least as urban gritty as Alec Baldwin, we come from close to each other. He is elitist, he is tiresome with these cliches. He is obviously, has a superior to complex, things only dumb people voted for the president. It is very frustrated for people like Alec Baldwin because they lost. Just thinking about this, watching your great show, watching John Solomon’s report, it occurred to me that if Mueller knew a year ago that there was no collusion, did he tell the president, or did he set a trap? Did he set a trap to get attempted obstruction by the president because he didn’t care when the president said there was no collusion. If these people looked — if the Alec baldwins of the world looked at the evidence as it exists, listen to what Attorney general Barr said, they are absolutely blanking themselves out, putting their fingers in their ears. They don’t want to hear the truth, and it is a schism that allows a person like Alec Baldwin to be so scornful of hardworking people.”


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