Ted Lieu on AG Barr: If We Can’t Gather Facts ‘We’re Going to Launch an Article III Impeachment’

‘If the Trump Administration wants impeachment, they’re doing a good job of pushing the Democrats there’


RAJU: "And one of the tools, of course, is impeachment. Democratic leadership has been hesitant in going this route. Do you think they should have changed their approach and start to more seriously consider the prospects of impeachment."
LIEU: "If the Trump administration wants impeachment, they’re doing a good job of pushing the Democrats there, because we want to first gather facts to decide if we should impeach. If we can’t gather facts, then we’re going to launch an Article III impeachment under what Nixon happened to him, Article III of his impeachment proceedings was obstructed Congress. If we can’t gather facts, that may be the only tool we have left and we’re going to use it if we have no other tools available."

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