Rep. Lieu: Bill Barr Can Be ‘a Trump Stooge If He Wants to, But He Can’t Disregard the Law’

‘No one is above the law’


LIEU: "So, look, Bill Barr can be a partisan hack and a Trump stooge if he wants to, but he can’t disregard the law. No one is above the law. And under the way law is written, if he fails to comply with the congressional subpoena, then the House Judiciary Committee will take a vote. We’re going to hold him in contempt. When they send it to the House floor, the House floor votes him in contempt. Then we can litigate this and we can also, without going to  the court, start imposing fines on Bill Barr. We have an inherent power to enforce our own subpoenas, and we will do so."

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