Biden Attacks Occupational Licensing Regulations: ‘It Makes No Sense’

‘It’s designed to keep the competition down’

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BIDEN: “I’ve seen these agreements at least once during their career. 40 million — excuse me, 40 percent of them. It’s wrong. It’s immoral and it should be made illegal in the states where they try to do it. (Cheers and applause) But to do the same thing with occupational licenses. Why should someone who braids hair have to get 600 hours of training? It makes no sense. It’s designed to keep the competition down. Look, folks, you can’t just transfer your licenses across one state to another. They’re making it harder and harder in a whole range of professions, all to keep competition down. Why should we get rid of these unnecessary hoops out there? Because we have to restore America’s ability and individual Americans to be able to fight for their own dignity.”

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