Chris Matthews on Biden: His Message Is ‘Nobody Should Have Ever Lost to Trump’

‘Nobody wants to be around the Democratic Party the day after losing to Trump twice’


MATTHEWS: “It’s tough. And I think he showed the need to be tough himself. I thought that message was very thrilling. I thought it was very American. I thought it was great. In fact, it ended up with Dr. King, Normandy, whole thing, putting us together with a powerful message. But I think the message to Democrats is, 'Don’t blow this one. You blew it in 2016. You lost the Trump. Nobody should have ever lost to Trump. You could do it again. So don’t go with having a lot of fun in next year and a half, following the flavor of the month stuff. Don’t enjoy yourself. Sober up. Pick the best candidate to beat Trump because nobody wants to be around the Democratic Party the day after losing to Trump twice. Nobody will be forgiven for that. So shake yourselves up, sober up and pick the guy that can prevent this guy from staying in the White House for, as he put it, eight years.'”

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