Kellyanne Conway on Biden: ‘Bring Them All in,’ Dems Are Desperate To Find an Alternative to Bernie Sanders

‘The only difference between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump is Sanders’ ideas are terrible for America’


CONWAY: “I think Biden’s timing actually benefited him as somebody who's been critical about, you know, will you, won't you, the poor sort of non-roll-out roll-out for a non-candidate because he kept stepping all over himself and had to put out a video about hugging and sniffing women’s hair. I think Biden’s timing benefits him. Because the Democrats seem desperate to find an alternative to Bernie Sanders, the clear announced frontrunner right now in the polling and on the ground. Bernie Sanders has a lot in common with Donald Trump which is he doesn’t care what his party thinks about his candidacy at this point in the primary. He is connecting directly with the voters and raising small dollar amounts. The only difference between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump is Bernie Sanders’ ideas are terrible for America.” 

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