Brit Hume: Schiff So Invested in Collusion, Has No Scruples About What Mueller Report Has Clearly Shown

‘I don’t think Adam Schiff is going to resign’

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HUME: "He’s been called upon to do that before. And what he typically does when asked to do that is he cites public things that have been examined by the Mueller team and found that they don’t point to collusion. That’s what we can expect from him. He has hinted over time that there is some secret evidence that he has. But he has never been able to produce any of it, and I don’t — I think there is zero chance he ever will be able to. But I don’t expect him to stop banging on about it because he is so invested in it and seems to have no scruples about what these conclusions for Mueller have clearly shown. So I think that’s where we are.  We haven’t heard the last from Adam Schiff about this. But this could perhaps be the time when people stop paying less attention to him."

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