Brit Hume: Eric Swalwell Is a ‘Collusion-Truther,’ It’s ‘Absurd’ to Call for AG Barr’s Resignation

‘Barr is not going to resign and there’s really no basis for him to do so’


HUME: "Well, that’s absurd. Barr is not going to resign and there’s really no basis for him to do so. But Swalwell is a collusion-truther, as is Adam Schiff. They are so invested in this theory that has now been pretty much completely exploded that they seem not able to let go of it. I don't think it’s surprising. I don’t think Adam Schiff is going to resign because in some precincts his persistence on this matter has obviously gained him ground politically. So he is still going on it. But I think it’s a practical matter, Harris, as a political matter for the 2020 election, collusion is out the window. It’s gone, it’s dead. Now, as for the matter of obstruction of justice, about which we are hearing from the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee or soon will be, that’s another matter entirely. As you know, the Mueller team did not reach a firm conclusion on that. That was left to Barr and his associates. There are elements here in the report that will give Jerry Nadler and others something to chew over. I think that’s where we are."

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