Joyce Vance: The Mueller Report Shows that ‘This President Has Failed to Uphold the Oath of Office’

‘There’s so much awful conduct by this president’


VANCE: "You know, as we read through this voluminous information and as I listen to the conversations that you are having in New York, I’m reminded of one of the first conversations that Ari Melber and I ever had about this when the investigation was young, and we talked about the fact there was some conduct that was not illegal but there was still inappropriate for a president. We talked about the notion that there was conduct that was lawful but awful. And to the extent that that’s what Bob Mueller’s report tells us today, there’s so much awful conduct by this president, whether it’s the obstruction conduct, whether it’s the blind eye that he turns to offers of Russian help, that one is left with the conclusion this president has failed to uphold the oath of office that he took on that Inauguration Day, when he said he would faithfully execute and he would take care to ensure that the laws of the United States were upheld. It’s very difficult to see how this report does not end up on Capitol Hill and provide a powerful road map for what comes next."

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