CNN’s Tapper: Plan to Dump Illegals in Sanctuary Cities Was ‘Very Seriously Pushed’ by Trump and Stephen Miller

‘The General Counsel of the DHS John Mitnick sent the White House a legal analysis’


TAPPER: "That’s right, because this was actually being very seriously pushed by President Trump and other immigration hardliners in the White House, Stephen Miller and others, saying that they really wanted to do this, even though the White House earlier today tried to pooh-pooh this story saying it wasn’t really taken seriously. It was taken seriously. The General Counsel of the DHS John Mitnick sent the White House a legal analysis and it basically had three parts. One was we are not allowed to spend DH money to do this, to transport these individuals, unless it’s for a clear agency-related purpose such as providing medical care to individuals or facilities becoming overcrowded. And the underlying message is we can’t do this for political reasons, that would be against our charter, that would be against the law. He made two other points. This would open up the agency and the U.S. Government to lawsuits because you’ll be denying due process to these individuals. And if you do this, the odds that these individuals do not show up for their deportation hearing are much stronger. So in other words, you’ll be undermining the law and you'll be undermining your own purpose of wanting these people to go back where they came from."

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