Trump: ‘The Race to 5G Is a Race that America Must Win’

‘It’s a race, frankly, that our great companies are now involved in’


TRUMP: “Right now we want to be the leader in this. We’re the leader in almost everything else. We’re grateful to be joined by the FCC chairman Ajit Pai, who’s been doing a fantastic job and Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Stephen Censky. Thank you very much, Stephen. Appreciate it. Tell Sonny hello. He’s doing a tremendous job. Really tremendous. Secure 5G networks will absolutely be a vital link to America’s prosperity and national security in the 21st century. 5G will be as much as 100 times faster than the current 4G cellular networks. It will transform the way our citizens work, learn, communicate and travel. It will make American farms more productive, American manufacturing more competitive, and American healthcare better and more accessible. Basically it covers almost everything when you get right down to it -- pretty amazing. And just as 4G networks pave the way for smart phones and all of the exciting breakthroughs that are made possible, so many things. This will be more secure and resilient. 5G networks will also create astonishing and really thrilling new opportunities for our people. Opportunities that we’ve never even thought we had a possibility of looking at. We cannot allow any other country to outcompete the United States in this powerful industry of the future. We are leading by so much in so many different industries of that type, that we just can’t let that happen. The race to 5G is a race that America must win and it’s a race, frankly, that our great companies are now involved in. We’ve given them the incentive they need. It’s a race that we will win.”

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