Jennifer Rubin Compares Trump to ‘a Dictator’

‘So, [Bill Barr] is not acting as the attorney general, but he’s acting as the spin master for the president’


RUBIN: "It absolutely is. And another telltale sign of dictators is they corrupt the people around them, so that people like Bill Barr, who had a reputation coming in as kind of a lawyer’s lawyer, is now in the position of really shading and pandering, and I would even say misrepresenting the facts. So, he is not acting as the Attorney General, but he’s acting as the spinmaster for the President. You saw that we lost our Department of Homeland Security secretary this week, and she went up to Capitol Hill, if you remember, told them there’s no policy about child separation, except there was. So, when somebody like Trump gets people who have some competency, but he then corrupts them, he gets them to lie, to mismanage or to really sort of sow chaos, and he gets them to lie, then you have this perpetual cloud of confusion and misunderstanding, and that’s when they say, oh, okay, you need the strong guy, I’m going to take charge, I’m going to set an emergency declaration, I will seize power. And he does this by moving money around. He also does this by putting acting secretaries and subsecretaries in spot because that, of course, bypasses the Senate confirmation process."

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