Mark Warner: Bill Barr’s ‘Spying’ Comment ‘Disrespectful,’ Shows ‘Willful Ignorance’

‘I’m amazed’


WARNER: "I’m amazed that the Attorney General would make that kind of statement. I think it is in many ways disrespectful to the men and women who work in the Justice Department. And it shows, I think, either a lack of understanding or willful ignorance of what goes into a counterintelligence investigation. The idea that the FBI, with the evidence they had, wouldn’t have launched a counterintelligence investigation would have been irresponsible. So I don’t understand the Attorney General’s comments, I don't understand what basis he’s making them on, and frankly he almost seems to be endorsing one of these theories that has been debunked time and time again by the various — even House republican-led investigations trying to show some kind of these efforts."

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