Huckabee on Bill Barr: ‘The Hearing Yesterday Was Absolutely Embarrassing for the Democrats’

‘I think some of the Democrats who have been screaming and yelling they want transparency and full disclosure may rue the day they asked for it’


HUCKABEE: "The Democrats' behavior the last couple of days have been beyond shameful. What Chuck Schumer said is absurd. I thought that the hearing yesterday was absolutely embarrassing for the Democrats. They are supposed to be talking about his budget. They ignored his budget. All they wanted to talk about was making charges against him and the department. It is really a theatrical display, but it's more like a first-grade Christmas pageant rather than a Broadway production. They really embarrassed themselves yesterday. I think what the American public saw was a very confident, skillful William Barr, who stuck to the facts of the law. And let me just mention that the most outrageous moment came when they were attacking him for the Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare, and they were saying, 'Why would you attack it?' He said because the law is not constitutional. They never even got the irony that they are the lawmakers. They made a law that was unconstitutional. And rather than fix it, they blame him for defending the Constitution. This is really an outrageous kind of moment. I think we’ll see it in campaign ads next year."

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