Noah on Barr Color Coding Redactions in Mueller Report: Yellow Stands For Pee Tape

‘ — which some people are hoping will be in the report’

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NOAH: “Oh... They’re going with color-coded that’s fansy. It makes sense. I mean, the government doesn’t need to keep some things secret. A true government never tells. Ha ha. ) But I appreciate the color coding so at least we’ll know why certain things will be kept a secret. So maybe it will be like green for ongoing investigations, and then red for grand jury testimony, and obviously yellow for details about the pee tape, which some people are hoping will be in the report. But, look, the truth is I don’t know if people should get their hopes up for the full Mueller report because, based on Barr’s letter, there’s probably not going to be a chapter in there called impeachable stuff, okay? So for the Democrats out there who are still hoping to have all their worst suspicions confirmed about Trump once and for all, you might not be able to rely on the Mueller report.”

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