Rep. Gomez: Nielsen ‘Trying to Rehabilitate Her Standing in the Eyes of the Public’

‘She doesn’t want to go down with the ship’


GOMEZ: “Well first, my district is heavily immigrant and heavily Latino and heavily Asian. This is a personal issue for a lot of the people in my district, as well as me. I’m a son of immigrants. But this administration has constantly lied, consistently lied about family separation. If you looked at Attorney General Jeff Sessions said it was a deterrence, then later said it wasn’t about deterrence but it was. Then you have Secretary Nielsen who has been lying consistently about it. So I don’t believe what they’re saying. I believe what happening is that she doesn’t want to go down with the ship she left, she got pushed out and she's trying to rehabilitate her standing in the eyes of the public. That is my personal opinion because she has constantly lied to not only members of Congress, but to the public."

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