CNN’s Kayyem: ‘Trump Doesn’t Support First Responders, He Uses Them’

‘Let’s begin from day one, with a Muslim ban that they knew nothing about beforehand’

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KAYYEM: "It does in aviation with TSA, maritime, with coast guard and then cbp and I.C.E. With the border. That sounds like a lot of acronyms but dhs' failures at the secretary level in having policies that have been effective permeates the men and women who are on the field every day. I have often said if you think Donald Trump actually likes cbp agents, you would -- you would be surprised because you would never put a cbp agent at a border with, let's begin from day one, with a Muslim ban that they knew nothing about beforehand. With the family separation plan they were not trained or authorized or had any idea what to do when they separated these kids from their parents. And then, of course, now with this anti-asylum issue. President Trump does not support first responders. He uses them.

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