Rep. Schiff on Dems Telling IRS to Give Them Trump’s Tax Returns: ‘Not Discretionary on IRS’s Part’

‘The law is very clearly on the chairman’s side’


BERMAN: "On the tax returns, Americans have wanted to see the president’s tax returns for some time, the polls also show that. By law the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee can ask for them, and Richie Neal from Massachusetts has asked for them. I’m sure you would like to see them, but do you feel that you have a right to see them legally, or will they stay just within the Ways and Means Committee?
SCHIFF: “Well, I defer to Chairman Neal, I think he has made a very narrowly tailored request, and this is not going to be discretionary on the IRS part. They shall provide them to Chairman Neal, and -- and I think the chairman is on very rock solid ground here.” 

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