Adam Schiff: American People Have the Right To See the Mueller Report

‘Yes, the American people are going to see the report’

BRZEZINSKI: "Will the American public see the Mueller report? When is that going to happen and how will it happen?"
SCHIFF: "Yes, the American people are going to see the report. And they have every right to. It was their taxpayer dollars that went into Bob Mueller’s work. He spent two years undertaking that investigation. Now, it appears the President is completely changing his tune. I think he realizes that the Barr summary, this four-page summary by his hand-picked attorney general is about as good as it is going to get for him, because it doesn’t go through the evidence on either the conspiracy or the obstruction issues. But the American people have a right to see it. Indeed, I think they have a need to see it. And we’re going to have this fight if we have to. Barr testified at his confirmation that he would be as transparent as law and policy allow. Well, law and policy allow that whole report to be released. He should be going to court to seek the court permission to release grand jury material, not seeking to redact it and fight the Congress from getting it."

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