Kellyanne Conway Praises Chris Cuomo Segment That Rips Trump For Suggesting ‘Brown Menace’ at Border

‘You’re going to witness the systemic failure and tragic potential for our immediate future’


CUOMO: “It’s certainly not immoral to build barriers where they are needed. What is immoral is doing nothing but thinking about whether or not to have fences. Doing nothing is what is immoral and that’s the situation here by our highest leaders. What you're about to see is that the main threat here is not the people. Yes, there are bad guys in the mix, all varieties. But the brown menace that the President depicts is a gross exaggeration. Well over half the crossers are kids and the people who love them. The real monster here is the system and everyone involved is begging for help. The question is, where is it? Homeland Security is speeding up a surge of personnel too the front lines to help manage the flow, but manpower is just one aspect of a multilevel lapse. I want you to take a look for yourself. Here is what happens every day, all day here."

(Via Mediaite)

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