Dershowitz: The Court Can’t Make the AG Release the Mueller Report

‘There’s nothing in the regulations that require him to reveal anything’


DERSHOWITZ: “No. There’s nothing in the regulations that require him to reveal anything. The best test is the shoe on the other foot test. When we go back to Comey’s statement, if he said we won’t indict Hillary Clinton on the e-mails and the Republicans said wait a minute. We heard you have a report that says she was extremely careless, we want you to release that, the Democrats would have jumped up and down and say no, no, prosecutors don’t say anything negative about people they have not indicted. All they’re supposed to do is announce no indictment. Suddenly everything has changed. It’s the Democrats that want to know why there wasn’t charges. They want to know what is split was between those that wanted a charge and not charge in obstruction of justice. The law doesn’t authorize that to be released. If the attorney general wants to do it, that’s within his discretion. No court should order the attorney general in the executive branch to release grand jury material and other material that the legislative branch, certainly without the approval of the courts. We’re seeing rampant hypocrisy. If the shoe were on the other foot, I’m sure — ”

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