Gov. Inslee Mocks ‘Unenlightened Areas’ that Don’t Believe in ‘Implicit Bias’

‘We believe in diversity in my state’

INSLEE: "And I'll tell you why I believe this. Look, as long as some local official in a sort of non-enlightened area that doesn't understand why implicit bias is a bad thing — we do in my state. In fact, I have my cabinet members take training in implicit bias because we believe in diversity in my state. At some of those places, they don't quite get it. And if they're in charge where the voting machines go, you know where those voting machines are going to go? They're not going to go in the black neighborhoods. We got to make sure everybody votes, we need a federal law that allows mail-in ballot. Now, there are some other things we go to do, too, I believe. I've strayed a little bit from your question, you've noticed, but I do believe there's some reform we need — we need to end the electoral college so we can have popular vote in this country."

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