Mulvaney: There Are Some Dems Who Can’t Get Over the Fact Trump Is President and Schiff Is One of Them

‘But we really do think enough is enough and it’s time to move on to other things’


MULVANEY: “Again, the issue is not whether it’s ethical. Mr. Schiff runs the house intelligence committee. People don’t realize this. He gets to see stuff that a lot of members of Congress don’t get to see. I didn’t get to see what he was seeing when I was in the house. That role takes with it a huge responsibility. One of those responsibilities is to not be partisan. It’s why you saw so many Republicans this week call for Adam to resign his position. That position is so critical that, if someone comes forward and they’re the house intelligence committee chairman and look at the other members and say, look, I’ve seen a bunch of stuff. Trust me, it says X, Y, Z. They have to be able to trust that person implicitly. Adam has lost that ability to do it. That’s why you heard so many Republicans call for his resignation this week. There are some Democrats who simply can’t get over the fact that President Trump is president. I get that. Adam is apparently one of them. But we really do think enough is enough and it’s time to move on to other things.”

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