Rep. Steve Scalise Continues To Lie About Democrats Wanting to Murder Babies

‘When the baby is born alive outside the womb, it should be fully protected’


SCALISE: "So, Ann Wagner from Missouri filed this bill called the Born-Alive Act. What it does is gives full legal protections to babies who were born outside the womb. When I talk to people all around the country, the first thing they say is why would you need to do that, it already exists, right? It doesn’t. Look at New York. New York celebrated the fact that if a baby is born alive, they can still kill it and call it abortion. In Virginia, you saw the governor explaining barbarically how you can still kill a baby after it's born outside the womb. Steve, we are not even talking about the abortion debate anymore. This is murder. We need to protect innocent life. When the baby is born alive outside the womb, it should be fully protected. Starting Tuesday, we will be collecting signatures on a discharge petition to get this bill brought to the floor for a vote."

(Via Mediaite)

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