Scarborough: Trump Administration ‘Sounded Like Russian State TV’ Last Night

‘They were sounding like Vladimir Putin’


IGNATIUS: "But the idea that there is an opposition that there is some fundamental conflict between Mueller’s conclusions and what we try to do as journalists, I just don’t buy that."
BRZEZINSKI: "It doesn’t exist."
STEIN: "I think it’s even more pernicious than that, because I think what's happening here is that Trump and his people are trying to discredit the entire canon of Russia-related reporting irrespective of collusion —"
SCARBOROUGH: “Right. And by the way, if you watched last night, you would have heard a lot of those clowns actually suggest that any Russian interference with the 2016 campaign was a scam.
STEIN: “Right.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Ignoring everything that Donald Trump’s intel community told him and the world. They were sounding like Vladimir Putin last night. By the way, they were sounding like Russian state run television last night.”

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