Rep. Schiff on Mueller Closing Probe Without New Indictments: I’m Going to Keep Investigating, ‘We Have to Find the Truth’

‘We have to reinvent the wheel, it will be far more time consuming and difficult’


SCHIFF: "There are any number of examples that I could give you of information that we've obtained in our investigation, information that’s become clear from the Special Counsel investigation that may not be neatly summed up in a decision or disclosure that we decided to indict A but not B. And to give you an illustration, we know that Paul Manafort was providing polling data to someone linked to Russian intelligence, and that may not have shown up in an indictment. But nonetheless, it raises profound questions about why the presidential campaign of Donald Trump was providing polling data, apparently detailed polling data, to someone linked to Russian intelligence. That’s just one of the great many unanswered questions. And if they’re not answered, then we are going to have to answer them. We're going to have to find the truth. I would say this in terms of the Administration, which at least professes a desire for Congress to work expeditiously on its investigations. The degree to which they are transparent and provide this information from the Justice Department will greatly facilitate our ability to work swiftly. We have to completely reinvent the wheel, it will obviously be far more time-consuming and difficult."

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