Sen. Warren: ‘We Have a Federal Government Being Held Hostage by the NRA’

‘I believe we can fight back and we can change that together’


WARREN: “No bump stocks to make it easier to kill. No. There's so much that we could do to improve safety for our children and for all of us. Things that people agree with who are gun owners and things that people agree with that are not gun owners and we have to do them at a federal level. Because even if you change your laws in Mississippi, if they don't change their laws in the other states, someone can just go put it in the back of the pick up and come on down. So this is a national problem. Goes back to the question I have been talking about, who does government work for? Right now it works for the healthy and the well connected and that means we have a federal government being held hostage by the NRA. I believe we can fight back and we can change that together.”


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