Barnicle: Trump Knows He Will Never Be Able to Measure up to John McCain

‘John McCain had the one most valuable thing a human being can have that Donald Trump will never have, it’s called character’


BARNICLE: “Donald Trump know that he will never ever be able to measure up to John McCain. You have to figure that's part of the reason for the constant and continuing vendetta he has against John McCain. John McCain had the one most valuable thing a human being can have that Donald Trump will never have. It’s called character. And all of us here today thinking of the tweets over the weekend, the volley of madness that arose from the President’s fingers as he spent the weekend texting and tweeting while we had this tragedy in Christchurch in New Zealand, while Europe teeters on the brink of true economic chaos with Brexit, while the Middle East still rages with war, this is what he does, makes comments about Fox TV hosts and substitute weekend hosts. The biggest danger, Joe, I would think, is that he has normalized abhorrent behavior that so much of the nation just shrugs its shoulders and moves on in the face of these bold-faced lies emanating from the President of the United States. At some point in this campaign that has just begun, one of these candidates running for president is going to stand up and ask the question, 'What kind of a country do you want? It’s your call, your choice, your vote. Is this what you want? Is this what you want your children to grow up under, this kind of tenor, this kind of language? It’s your choice.”

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