Schiff: ‘The Best Way To Get the Truth Would Be to Put the President Under Oath’

‘Maybe he should talk before magistrate’


SCHIFF: “Yes, I think it is a mistake. I said all along that I don’t think Bob Mueller should rely on written answers. When you get written answers from a witness, it’s really the lawyers’ answers as much as the client’s answer. You need to be able to ask follow-up questions in real-time. But I think the constraint that Bob Mueller is operating under, he had an acting attorney general who was appointed because he would be hostile to a subpoena on the president. And now, he has a permanent attorney general who has chosen for the same hostility to his investigation, who would likely oppose that step. I also think the special counsel feels some time pressure to conclude his work and knowing the White House would drag out a fight over the subpoena. That may be an issue, as well. I think ultimately it’s a mistake because probably the best way to get the truth would be to put the president under oath. As he’s made plain in the past, he feels it’s fine to lie to the public after all he has said, it’s not like I’m talking before a magistrate. Maybe he should talk before magistrate.”

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