Donny Deutsch Slams Manafort Sentence: ‘The Judge Seemed To Have a Hard on for Just the Mueller Probe Overall’

‘The same way we see Donald Trump reach across every unreachable aisle in America’

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DEUTSCH: "Someone mentioned last night that a defense lawyer called it, his client was just offered I think somewhere between 38 and 56 months for stealing $100 worth of quarters from the laundry room. But it's just not equal on terms of white-collar versus different types of crime, more lower income types of crime just when you compare it to Michael Cohen who got 65 percent of the guidelines, obviously a similar white-collar crime with much less consequences in terms of money, no involvement in foreign government, and Manafort got 18 percent. There’s not always inequity just in terms of when you go income level in types of crime, even across white collar there's inequity. We also can't forget elections are important and this is why we have judges out there like they are. And just a silly ignorant question, Joe, I just want to ask you this. I’m not saying any of this happened. The same way we see Donald Trump reach across every unreachable aisle in America, whether it is firing Comey, saying to Comey, the FBI Director, 'Hey, go easy on my boy Mike Flynn,' are there any three, four, six steps removed where messages come down to presidents, judges? Does that ever happen in the world of ours where at the very beginning this judge seemed to have a hard-on for just the Mueller probe overall."

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