Graham: Trump ‘Is on Firm Legal Ground’ in Declaring a National Emergency on the Border

‘This is a specific statute that allows the president to move money around for a national emergency’


GRAHAM: "Well, I -- I don’t want to criticize my colleagues, but as a lawyer, the president is on firm legal ground. This is a specific statute that allows the president to move money around for a national emergency. And here’s what happened in 2014. President Obama declared a humanitarian crisis at the southern border because we apprehended 120,000 unaccompanied minors. We’ve already apprehended that many this year. Every problem at the border since 2014 has gotten worse. I have been in every gang you can think of to solve the immigration problem, right starting with Bush 43. Not one time did a Democrat ever suggest to me that we didn’t have a problem at the border. In 2013, we appropriated $44 billion for border security, $9 billion for barriers. What’s manufactured is that it’s not a crisis. So to my Republican colleagues, the statute in question is very specific and limited. The president has the legal authority. The only question is, is there really a crisis at our border? If you don’t believe the president, go down there and check it out for yourself. But ask the people in charge of securing the border. They will tell you we have a crisis. I hope Republicans will hold."

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