Fox News’ Brit Hume Pushes Back on Trump’s Spike Lee Tweet: Speech Wasn’t Racist or Even ‘Particularly Anti-Trump’

‘I think the president is out of line on this’


HUME: ”Well... I don’t think it was racist. I don’t even think it was particularly anti-Trump. He didn’t mention the president. You may have heard me on this before. I think the word “Racist” is lug around these days is a terrible it was a great triumph for the civil rights movement, the national consensus overwhelming national consensus against racism. The word has been weaponized in politics. It’s used often by the left against conservatives and Republicans. Now we have a president using it against Spike Lee who is obviously a Democrat and a leftist. I think the president is out of line on this. I think spike Lee — I mean, he said some pretty strong things but that was a unifying message he said. Love versus hate. I think Chris and I are both for love versus hate. If you asked the president, he would say he was too. I do not think it’s his finest moment to respond.”

(Via Mediaite)

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