Grabien Montage: ‘Brian Williams: Disqualified from NBC ... Qualified for Washington’

Grabien takes a look at just a few of the lies, boasts, and exaggerations that politicians have had to walk back in recent years

After Brian Williams last week was caught making up war stories about himself, other questionable tales quickly surfaced. And soon after announcing a self-imposed exile, NBC took its own action, suspending its marquee anchor without pay for six months. 

Which got us thinking: What if the public sector held officeholders just as accountable? Is a six months suspension -- without pay -- unreasonable for elected leaders caught fibbing? 

After digging through the archives, we found a few classic cases of bogus braggadocio. 

But rather than suffering any repercussions, these individuals went onto become: vice president, U.S. senator (x2), president, and secretary of State (x2). 

That might be bad news for government accountability. But it's great news for Brian Williams. Next stop, 2016?

P.S. Did we miss any? Leave your favorite bogus boasts in the comments. We just might update the montage next week. 

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