James Clapper Agrees with McCabe’s Remarks that It’s Possible Trump Is a Russian Asset

‘I completely agree with way Andy characterized, that it is a possibility’


LEMON: "[Tonight the former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe telling CNN it is] possible that President Trump is a Russian asset. Here to discuss is the former director of National Intelligence and that is Mr. James clapper. Director, I appreciate you joining us."
CLAPPER: "Thanks, Don."
LEMON: "Do you agree with Andrew McCabe it’s possible that the president of the United States, the president is a Russian asset?"
CLAPPER: "Well, the way — I completely agree with way Andy characterized, that it is a possibility, and I would add to that a caveat, either witting or unwitting. And that a really painful thing to say, but I believe the FBI was institutionally obligated to do what it did, and that is to investigate and to initiate an investigation. And if you go back -- you know, the long view here of the behavior of candidate Trump and then President Trump and his deference to the Russians, particularly his personal deference to Putin and his exeritation about the e-mails in July in 2016 and then all of these developments culminating in the firing of Director Comey, which he acknowledged was because of the Russia investigation. So, yeah, I -- I -- I do agree, it’s as amazing and stunning and depressing as that is."

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