Chris Ruddy Gets Rowdy with Andrea Mitchell: ‘No Evidence’ Trump Ever ‘Tried To Stop’ Russia Probe

‘He never took any steps to close down the Russia probe’


RUDDY: "Let me finish my point. The FBI opens an investigation, Andrea, when there’s evidence of a crime. The only reason this thing with Russia has ever come to fruition is there was a political dossier that the political campaign, the Clintons and the DNC paid for, the Clinton presidential campaign, that’s provable. It had widely discredited allegations. There’s no proof that the President or his campaign worked with the Russians. And then there’s this insinuation that the FBI director McCabe felt that the firing of Comey was the cause of another investigation into the President. The President has never tried to stop the Russia probe. There’s no evidence he ever tried. He did fire Comey. He never took any steps to close down the Russia probe. In fact, rather than exercising his rights as President not to allow interviews and document transfers, he turned everything over to the Special Counsel, which probably was a mistake, but he did it because he’s been acting in a way, I think anybody that looks at this fairly, and I know it’s probably a shock to some of your viewers to hear this point of view, but it’s vexing to, I’m sure him and certainly people like myself, when we don’t have a balance in the media on some of the accusation that are the wild accusations that are being made."

(Via Mediaite)

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