Adam Schiff: We’d Be in a Constant Case of Nat’l Emergency, If This Is Used When a President Doesn’t Get What He Wants

‘It’s the worst possible case, and it will fail’


SCHIFF: “Well, it's hard to imagine a worse case for national emergency than a problem that has been diminishing over the years, that the intelligence heads didn't even recognize when they're outlining the threats to the country, and most significantly, that the Congress has deliberated about, reached a resolution on in terms of what the Congress believes is appropriate border security, and the president didn't get what he wanted from the Congress and has decided that's some kind of emergency. If it was an emergency every time the president of the united States couldn't get what they wanted from Congress, we would be in a constant state of emergency. So it's the worst possible case, and it will fail. But I have to say this. What has had our democracy on such shaky ground for the past two years has not just been the unconstitutional acts of the president, but the fact that Congress has not been willing to stand up to him, that in particular the president's party has not been willing to stand up to him. And the fact that Mitch McConnell would warn him privately, but then do a complete 180 and publicly embrace this shows you just the kind of capitulation that is endangering the rule of law in our system of checks and balances.”

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