Jake Tapper: Dems Avoiding ‘Gloating’ About Border Bill as They Fear Pushing Trump ‘over the Edge’

‘There is no guarantee’


TAPPER: "House and Senate Democrats are refraining, notably, from gloating about the deal, gloating about, for instance, the fact that the President will get less in border security funding in this deal than in the deal he turned down in December. Why are they being so mum? Well, sources tell me congressional Democrats want the President to sign the deal and they are afraid of doing anything that might push the President over the edge. They are treading very carefully. The House is expected to vote on the legislation tomorrow night, followed by the Senate. What our sources tell CNN, they believe President Trump will sign the line that is dotted, but there is no guarantee. The lives of 800,000 federal workers plus countless contractors and other Americans could, of course, be upended once again though the President vowed today he does not want another shutdown. CNN's Abby Phillip starts us off today from the White House."

(Via Mediaite)

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