Dick Durbin: ‘I Will Be Voting Against Mr. William Barr’

‘I have respect for him’


BERMAN: "In about an hour, the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on William Barr's nomination to be the next attorney general. Joining us now is Democratic whip, Senator Dick Durbin. He's a member of the Judiciary Committee and also a member of the Bipartisan Conference Committee trying to figure out a way to prevent a shutdown. Somebody called you Senator Selig. You're in the middle of everything going on over the next few days. Let me just ask you, in regards to William Barr, have you decided -- will you be a yes or a no vote in committee in an hour?" 
DURBIN: "I will be voting against Mr. William Barr. But let me tell you, I do have respect for him. I met with him yesterday for the first time and had a lengthy conversation. My reasons are -- two reasons why I'm going to withhold my vote in his favor. The reasons are these. First, I believe the Mueller inquiry, the investigation, should be made available to the public and transparent. We should know at the end of the day whether findings exonerate the president or reach a different conclusion. I think the American people are entitled to that. Mr. Barr has not made that commitment. Secondly, I'm worried about a memo he volunteered and sent to the Trump legal staff, a 19-page memo which seemed to say the president is above the law more often than not. I don't agree with that conclusion, and I worry about that voluntary memo."

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