Jim Jordan: ‘Crazy’ for Dems To Say the Border Is a ‘Regional Crisis,’ ‘We Need a Border Security Wall’

‘Everyone knows this is a national emergency’


KILMEADE: "Henry Cuellar says -- there's still on the president -- he says, I think there is a path forward but people need to understand we are not going to be able to give the president $5.7 billion. I’m telling you it’s no way. So is there a number in between that the Freedom Caucus and Jim Jordan would be OK with."
JORDAN: "Yeah. We will look at it but you have to understand what we are dealing with today; 10 years ago all the Democrats were for exactly for what we are for, what the American people want, most importantly what the president campaigned on and won on. We need a border security wall. But look at their positions Blumenthal now says, oh, we got to abolish ICE. Their candidate for president campaigned on a borderless hemisphere, even though 10 years ago she said we need money for a barrier, money for a wall.”

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