Trump on Withdrawing from INF Treaty: ‘Russia Repeatedly Violated Its Terms’

‘Under my administration, we will never apologize for advancing America’s interests’

TRUMP: "As part of our military build-up, the united States is developing a state-of-the-art missile defense system. Under my administration, we will never apologize for advancing America's interests. For example, decades ago the United States entered into a treaty with Russia in which we agreed to limit and reduce our missile capabilities. While we followed the agreement and the rules to the letter, Russia repeatedly violated its terms. It has been going on for many years. That is why I announced that the United States is officially withdrawing from the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty, or inf treaty. We really have no choice. Perhaps we can negotiate a different agreement, adding China and others, or perhaps we can't - in which case, we will outspend and out-innovate all others by far."

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