Blinken: ‘This Is the Least Prepared Administration To Be Able To Deal with a Real Crisis’

‘They don’t have the real people in place to give good advice’


BLINKEN: “Yeah. First of all John’s piece is it really is a kind of flashing red light everyone should take a look at. What I was getting at is a related point. We actually haven’t had a foreign policy crisis yet. No big incoming crisis that really challenges us and challenges the administration. My take is that this is the least prepared administration to be able to deal with a real crisis precisely because they don’t have the real people in place to give good advice. They don’t have a process to actually bring everyone around the same table. They never come up with a policy that everyone follows and that our allies know and adversaries can look at too. In the absence of those three things, if something really bad happens I fear very much we’ll be flailing about. If the president is not listening to anyone relying on his instincts which rat best questionable.”

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