Sen. Ben Sasse Tours Border, Tweets Photos of Gaping Holes and Illegals Crossing

‘Everywhere you go ... you’d see people trying to get across the river’

“The Rio Grande River -- one of our pilots joked it’s really the Rio Piqueno -- it's not a river at places. It's a 100 yards wide and eight inches deep at places and people can just come right across ...

Our border patrol agents are doing really good, hard work, but there is a lack of will to solve this problem. So there were unmanned over flights. We were unmanned over flights, helicopters, boats on the Rio Grande, and pretty much everywhere you would go, either by eyesight or surveillance, you would see people trying to get across the river. There are traffickers that do this as a business. There are more of them than there are of us right now ...

My primary question is once there are Jihadi attacks in the U.S., which I think is our future, and we find that some of them came across our porous borders, what are we going to do then, because that’s what we should be doing now ...

The president is envisioning a world where he will issue four to five million social security numbers. Once an illegal immigrant has a social security number, they can apply for the earned income tax credit and they can get up to $6,000 ‘cause most of these folks are obviously not making middle or upper class wages. Then once they’ve gotten their first $6,000, under the rules, if you have a social security number, you can re-file for three more years. So there are amnesty bonuses of up to $24,000 per person that's granted deferred action. The administration hasn’t been forth coming about any of this.”



















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